Handball is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. This ancient game, which has been adapted to indoor play and is therefore particularly popular in countries where a harsh climate can interfere with fields sports, is also a perennial favourite in European sports betting markets.

Several dozen regional and domestic handball championships are contested around the world every year. The sport is popular amongst both genders, and women’s handball leagues enjoy good coverage in both the media and online sports betting markets.


Handball betting markets focus on:

The World Men’s Handball Championship: The premier international handball event. This event is played biennially and enjoys a high profile in continental Europe.

The European Men’s Handball Championship: One of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport, played biennially by Europe’s top national men’s handball teams.

The EHF Champions League: Europe’s regional men’s handball tournament for clubs. Separate divisions are contested by European men’s and women’s handball clubs.

The EHF Cup Winners Cup: an annual tournament contested by the winners of the various European domestic knockout cups.

Popular Handball Betting Options

Club handball matches and leagues receive modest coverage from bookmakers in the United Kingdom, with European sportsbooks like Bwin and bet365 tending to offer a more extensive array of handball betting markets.

Betting options for handball share much in common with betting markets for hockey and football due to the similar rule structure of these sports. Popular handball betting options include:

Match Betting: Match betting markets are the easiest way to bet on handball. These offer handball fans the opportunity to bet on which team will win a particular handball match.

Handicap Betting: Handicap handball betting markets are offered by the majority of bookmakers in the United Kingdom and Europe. These markets correct mismatches between teams by inserting handicaps, adding or subtracting goals from the final score. The result is an improvement in odds for punters backing stronger teams.

Outright Betting: Antepost outright betting markets become available within months of the biggest handball championships. These markets provide odds on the various teams competing in an event, and then going on to achieve a win. Best value in these markets can be obtained by making use of a top quality odds comparison service.

Goal Betting: Goal betting markets are readily available for handball matches. These markets allow punters to estimate how many goals will be scored in a particular fixture, as well as whether the final goal tally will be an even or odd number.